Monday, 4 April 2011

Hurry Up Dammit!

Frustration has set in.

I am still, STILL waiting for my official Letter of Offer from 'The Company' and my patience is starting to wear thin. Not thin enough to say "No, i don't need you or your ridiculously cool company" when it finally does materialise, but i can see myself doing something drastic like stomping at least one of my feet. I HATE LIMBO!

I'm also not really a fan of using capital letters to express myself so as you can see things have deteriorated rapidly. On the bright side i only have to wait another 8 working days  for my sweet little package of online goodies to arrive. What am i expecting, i hear you ask.

A kick ass Owl Bottle Cosy. That's what!

I would also like this

So anytime the universe wants to drop this little beauty in my lap is fine with me.

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