Sunday, 20 March 2011

It's been a while

Not a great start.

Obviously it's been a little while since i last checked in...I'm still trying to determine what my focus will be but have now decided not to sweat the details and just keep the lines of communication open. Let's do this thing!

Mostly this will be a place for me collect creative inspiration as i make my way through my Interior Design degree and hopefully move into the field over the coming years.

So in the spirit of moving forward i'm quitting my job in Recruitment (where apparently a soul is not a prerequisite to employment) to take on the role of Project Administrator with an Australian based furniture design company owned in large by Herman Miller.

Now all i have to do is tell my boss...Let the journey begin (Get it? The site is called Journeyland...Clever)

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

I'm Actually Doing This...Yay Me!

First Post!
How exciting…or completely anti-climatic depending on how you look at it. After a seriously long time procrastinating about what subject to focus on (Design, Literature, Film, Life) and even further procrastination regarding what my header should look like (as you can see I settled happily upon lame) I have decided to ‘bite the bullet’ and just get started.
So, to the empty space where followers should be I say “Welcome”.
Put on your Snuggie (or Slanket I don’t want to start a terminology fight) and grab your “Night Cheese” because this is probably going to be tedious and boring so you may as well be comfortable!